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Hiking for a Cause: Our 86-Mile Adventure Through the Lake District

In April 2022, my best friend Jonny and I embarked on an epic adventure, hiking 86 miles through the stunning Lake District. Our mission was not just about conquering peaks and battling the elements, but also about raising awareness and funds for a vital cause close to our hearts - mental health. In this blog post, I'll take you through our incredible journey, from the stormy weather and chance encounters to the unexpected nickname that Jonny earned along the way.

The Challenge Begins:

Our journey started in Ulverston, and we were determined to conquer 32 peaks before reaching our final destination, Carlisle. We knew it wouldn't be an easy feat, but our goal was to support the mental health charity, Head Up, which made every step worth it.

Battling the Elements: Mother Nature had a few surprises in store for us. We had to endure heavy storms and unpredictable weather conditions. The wind and rain tested our determination, but our spirits remained high as we pushed forward.

A Pint in Keswick:

One of the memorable moments of our journey was when we sought refuge from the rain in a cozy pub in Keswick. It was a much-needed break where we could dry off, warm up, and enjoy a pint while sharing stories and laughter.

Meeting Sophie Morgan: Our adventure took an unexpected turn when we crossed paths with Sophie Morgan from Channel 4. She was filming a documentary at Skiddaw House, and we got the chance to share our mission and experiences with her. It was an incredible opportunity to spread the word about our charity hike.

Wild Encounters:

The Lake District is known for its stunning wildlife, and we had a few close encounters with wild animals during our hike. From curious sheep to playful red squirrels, the wildlife added an extra layer of excitement to our journey.

Jonny's Nickname:

On this adventure, Jonny earned a unique nickname – "Crisp Packet." The origins of this nickname are a bit of a mystery, but it became a running joke between us, lightening the mood during challenging moments.

Raising Over £800 for Head Up: The heart of our journey was our dedication to raising funds and awareness for the Head Up mental health charity. We are proud to say that we exceeded our expectations, raising over £800 for this important cause.


Our 86-mile hike through the Lake District was an unforgettable experience, filled with challenges, memorable encounters, and personal growth. It reinforced the importance of supporting mental health initiatives and the incredible impact we can make when we come together for a cause.

We hope our adventure inspires others to embark on their own journeys, both for personal growth and to support the causes they are passionate about. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable adventure, and let's remember that sometimes, even a nickname like "Crisp Packet" can become a cherished part of the journey.

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