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Cavalry Kindness

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Cavalry Kindness

At our heart, Cavalry Clean Cumbria is built on the values of family, community, and improving the lives of all our customers by making their home or premises a cleaner, happier, and mentally healthier place to be.

Mental health is a cause close to our hearts at Cavalry Clean Cumbria because we understand its profound impact on our physical well-being and overall quality of life. We firmly believe that a clean and organized environment can play a pivotal role in mental well-being, reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

In our mission, we go beyond providing cleaning services; we aim to offer comfort and peace of mind to our customers. We take pride in contributing to the well-being of our community by creating spaces that foster mental wellness.

Our commitment to mental health aligns with our core values of family and community. We believe that a clean and mentally healthy space fosters stronger connections, better relationships, and happier lives for all our customers. At Cavalry Clean Cumbria, we strive to go beyond cleanliness – we aim to enhance the mental health of our customers, making their spaces not only cleaner but also more joyful and peaceful.

In November 2023, we introduced Cavalry Kindness, our initiative to give back to the community and prioritize mental health. Every week, we give away a Cavalry Standard Clean to someone in dire need of a clean and a mental health boost. From deserving individuals who need their property spruced up to those going through challenging times, Cavalry Kindness is here to help.

Additionally, I have personally committed to donating one day's work each week to support this initiative.

Mental health is a vital aspect of our well-being, and we recognize that a clean and organized space can significantly impact one's mental state. By extending our services through Cavalry Kindness and contributing a day's work each week, we aim to not only provide a cleaner environment but also offer a sense of relief and improved mental health to those who may be experiencing difficulties.

We are proud to support Head Up, a mental health charity specifically dedicated to soldiers and veterans across the British Armed Forces. If you share our passion for mental health and the well-being of our military heroes, we invite you to contribute to the cause. Click here to donate to Head Up. Your contribution will help make a difference in the lives of soldiers and veterans facing mental health challenges. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a cleaner, kinder, and mentally healthier world.

How to nominate someone for Cavalry Kindness

We’re always on the lookout for those who are in need of a Cavalry Kindness to bring their exterior back to life.

Perhaps a friend or family member of yours is struggling with the upkeep of their garden? Does an elderly neighbour have a dirty patio that’s proving dangerous to walk on?

If you know someone who needs Cavalry Kindness in their life, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you – and helping those who need it.

Thank you for your Nomination

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